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Welcome to RLF Canada AàZ inc.

RLF is utilizing a unique processing system for the recycling of mercury containing lamps that incorporates a high level of operating effectiveness with a high level of economic efficiency. The result is an environmentally sound and financially affordable solution to the proper disposal of fluorescent and HID lamps.

In Europe, where landfill disposal of mercury containing lamps has been banned for many years, some countries are recycling over 90% of their spent lamps. Currently, the United States has introduced regulations controlling the disposal of fluorescent and HID lamps, banning them from both landfills and incineration.

Recent research by the lighting industry and various regulatory agencies has established that, almost without exception, fluorescent and HID lamps exceed the toxicity or leachate criteria set by the Ministry of Environment (0.2 mg/L).

We encourage you to inspect our facility, examine our process, and compare our test results, insurance protection and price. You’ll be impressed by what we have to offer at RLF. Let RLF take the confusion and liability out of your lamp disposal program. Our cost effective, full service approach, right from your door, eliminates your environmental liability.